#sayyes campaign

Tima is a nine year old girl. She is often being excluded and that makes her sad. Tima wants to join in and even though she has a disability (spina bifida), she fits perfectly in a group. With this video Tima doesn’t only make a statement for herself. She also wants to change the lives of other children with a disability.

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She addresses all viewers when she asks to ‘say yes’ to all children with a disability. She gives you the message: ‘Just let them join in’. Do you want to give Tima and many other children a chance? Then you can start with sharing this video and share her message.

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If you want to know more about the video and the story of Tima:
Luk Dewulf - lukdewulf@telenet.be – 0032-477/61.69.97
Inge Wagemakers inge.wagemakers@gmail.com – 0032-484/40.18.65

If you want to know more about inclusion of children with a disability or about Ouders voor Inclusie: info@oudersvoorinclusie.be
Rita Stevens – 0032-495/84.64.09
Hilde Herssens – 0032-487/55.67.97

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Fatima Aydir, Malika Labraymi, Loes Bresseleers, Pieter-Jan van Nyen, Lander Zwaenepoel, Bart Veulemans, Katrijn De Bodt, Annemie Smans, Stijn Bogaert, Karolien Vrints, Line Vrancken, Jürgen Van De Winckel, Marie, Benoit, Xena, Wiebren, Ward, Vincent, Simon, Noor, Niels, Maxime, Lotta, Lopez, Lazlo, Kobejoren, Juline, Jolijn, Jens, Henri, Heleen, Fleur, Emma, Delphine, Cedric, Beau, Jozefien, Juliette, Manon, Fillis, Lucy, Floor, Stan, Briek, Farah, Savannah, Katrijn, Arwen, Erin, Zoë, Kaz, Lena, Nosh, Tafsir, Koumba, Ward, Abel, Francesco, Wahib, Runke, Lenn, Simona, Samuele, Aicha, Catalin, Charlotte, Gabriela, Jordy, Emuhu, Mac, Sterre, Toon, Dario, Takrsem, Senne.